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What is DVD Hacks?

Welcome to DVD Hacks. This site has been around more than 7 years now and is dedicated to software hacking your DVD player, Blu ray or HD DVD player to make it do things it wasn't meant to do. In most cases, when you buy a player in the UK it is able to play only Region 2 DVD's.

When you buy a  DVD in the UK  it is likely that it will contain a code that allows it only to play on European machines.  This will be the same when you purchase a Blu-ray or a HD DVD player.

However, these machines can very often be set to play DVD's from other countries using a simple software hack. This is known as region free and means that entering a special code using your remote control or pressing a sequence of buttons on the front of your DVD, Blue-ray or HD DVD player may allow it to play other regions or become region free. In addition, it can do other things such as allowing playback features such as DIVX or taking away macrovision protection

You may wonder why you would possibly want to play DVD movies from other countries. DVD's bought over the internet from the USA (known as region 1) are often cheaper than in the UK and movies can be released on DVD in the USA even before they appear in the cinema in the UK. Also, you may get better  or more extras on DVD's from other regions or less censorship (as was the case with Star Wars Episode 2 which was released in the UK without the infamous head butt scene included in other regions) And its the same with many many newer movies.

DVD Hacks aim is to be the best resource to find out how to hack your DVD, Blu-Ray or HD DVD player, as well as giving the best advice on where to buy your DVD's and many other features.

If our DVD Hacks Hacksearch doesn't have details for your DVD, try visiting our forums where over 1200 dedicated friends are awaiting to help you get the best from your player. Overall we hope this is a valuable resource and one you feel you can keep coming back to.


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