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Thursday, April 18, 2024

FEATURE: Online DVD Rental

We at DVDHacks have been looking at things to do while the weather is wet and stormy and guess what? We have the answer! Watch a DVD!

Now is a good time to get them movies stocked up, and what better way to do this than to get yourself set up with an online rental store.  If you don't know how these work then your in for a treat. 

Imagine being able to rent a DVD for a long as you want, choose from thousands of DVD's and make your own wish list of favourite movies, when you have seen the movie and send it back you get sent another from your list in 1st class post.  All this for a low monthly fee.  If your a big movie fan you could be watching at least 10 new releases a month for around a tenner or in some cases you can even rent 3 DVD movies at a time, that's a movie every night of the month for the price of a couple of rentals down your local video store.

There's a number of online companies offering you this service on line and in this Summer feature we give you the rundown. Remember that these services offer you a free trial, so you could try them all out, its easy to cancel as you can do this directly from the web site once you have sent your discs back.

If you try any of these services below then please send us a review by clicking here and we will put your review here.  Click here to submit a review

Below is your starting point of the best online DVD rental services on the internet.


Love Film is one of the longest established online rental companies on the net.  Formerly known as DVDS ON TAP.

Starting with a two week, no-strings-attached free trial, members choose the films they want to watch and add them to a queue a preference list. DVDs are sent to users by first class post and can be kept for as long as desired - there are no late charges. The user then returns their DVD in a pre-paid envelope, and the next selection in their queue is dispatched.

After the two week free trial the user can opt to stay on, and at this point the service continues as before, for a monthly membership fee from £4.99. There is no minimum term of subscription and the user can cancel at any time provided all their DVDs have been returned.

The LOVEFiLM library is the largest in the UK with titles ranging from the usual big releases, through to films in arenas as diverse as Family Entertainment to Classic, Indian Cinema and Adult, so there's plenty to choose from.

STOP PRESS! Rent your games in exactly the same way with LOVE FILM

Available for Sony PS3, Sony PS2, Nintendo DS, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo WII, Sony PSP, Microsoft XBOX and Microsoft XBOX 360

Click for more details or to start your FREE trial


Stelios is attempting to break the mould once again offering online DVD rental from just £1.99. Stelios proposes to charge you for just the DVD's you receive, so you can be assured of a prompt turnaround.

Click here to visit the site for more details


Screenselect have recently merged with Lovefilm (Above) to provide the UK's biggest and best online DVD rental company.


Mailbox Movies were the originators of a brand new concept in DVD and console games rental. In return for a small monthly subscription fee our customers can enjoy an unlimited and regular supply of top DVD's

Mailbox movies have recently merged with Lovefilm (Above) to provide the UK's biggest and best online DVD rental company.

Most Wanted DVD's
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