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How to Copy a Blu-ray or HD-DVD Movie!

We at DVD hacks do not condone the illegal copying of movies and the such like.  However, we do feel strongly that if you purchase something outright, you have a right to protect your purchase from getting scratched or broken.

So with the billions (probably) of pounds spent by the major electronics and media companies to make sure that your not going to be able to copy that HD DVD or Blu-Ray disc you just bought, you would have thought they would have got all the bases covered wouldn't you?

You know, the best solution to any problem is usually the simplest, if you have a HD-DVD drive in your home pc, and a piece of software that will play high definition movie onto your computers screen, then you already have the high tech bit of kit to copy any HD-DVD.

This high tech method is that amazing button called "Print Screen".  You see, to play a movie, the movie player needs to render the picture to your screen, in glorious high definition (HD) and once its done that, all hopes of copy protection have gone! Therefore, if you keep clicking to the next frame and print screening, you will be able to make a copy of the whole movie in perfect quality (After recording the sound too of course)

We know what your thinking, how much time will it take to do this, well..... of course, we wouldn't expect anybody to actually do this for a whole movie, but some clever little coders out there will find a way to automate this process and therefore, negating the need for all this money to be spent on copy protection. Of course, nobody has yet written the software to do this....... or have they?!?

Better luck next time is all we can say to the media and electronics companies! hehehe

Uncle Craig

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